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Allergy Testing

We provide complete intradermal (skin) allergy testing, which has been considered the “gold standard” in both human and veterinary medicine. 
We can also combine the latest serological (blood) technologies with skin testing to specifically tailor your pet’s allergy serum thus improving the overall response rate.

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Cytology provides useful, rapid diagnostic information by microscopically examining stained and unstained material from skin lesions found during a clinical examination. Our TEAM can obtain samples with minimal discomfort to your pet/horse and provide further diagnostic direction and insight into directed therapeutic choices within the appointment time. The type of inflammatory, neoplastic, or other cellular infiltrate, the relative amount of protein or mucin, the presence of acantholytic keratinocytes, yeasts and bacteria can all be determined by cytologic evaluation. Cytology is also helpful to distinguish between bacterial/yeast skin infection and bacterial/yeast overgrowth. It is the most rewarding in-house test we use.

Skin Biopsies

Skin biopsies have the potential to provide the most information in the shortest period of time, at a minimum characterizing the disease process into one or more of the following groups: neoplasia, infectious, immune-mediated, endocrine-like, keratinization defects and allergies. Findings are further enhanced by our expert site selection of lesions for biopsy, as well as providing the pathologist with a complete history (chronologic, diagnostic and therapeutic) and clinical differential diagnosis list. Our DERMATOpathologist works in conjunction with our dermatologist to optimize the diagnostic information obtained from this test.


Diagnostic otoscopy in veterinary medicine is one of the most important tools to getting to the bottom of ear diseases. Disorders of the external ear are common in dogs and cats and also occur in horses (head shakers). The easy access an superior visualization afforded by our Storz Video-Otoscope increases the likelihood of identifying the underlying problem. As well, the ability to document the examination helps both you and your veterinarian understand the extent of your pet's/horse's ear condition. This technology greatly assists our TEAM when taking biopsies or performing ear flushes and treatments deep inside the ears.

What do I need to do for my pet’s first appointment?

Once your primary veterinarian has asked you to see our specialist for a second opinion, you may call our office to arrange an appointment for the initial comprehensive examination. This exam often takes an hour.

If the doctor believes your pet/horse will benefit from allergy/skin testing, Video-Otoscopy, skin biopsies or other diagnostics, there are certain protocols that need to be taken. Medications may need to be withdrawn to ensure accuracy and no food should be given the morning of the test, as your pet may be sedated or undergo general anesthesia for his/her comfort.

If you wish to do the diagnostic testing the same day as the initial visit to save time and travel, you may ask the receptionist what steps are necessary before your appointment.

Referral Policy

Although appointments are accepted without referral, our clinic acts as a referral dermatology facility working in concert with your referring veterinarian. We expect that routine veterinary services (health certificates, vaccines, etc.) will continue to be provided through the primary veterinarian. We will communicate with your veterinarian following the treatment of your pet and provide a complete record of your pet’s care to their clinic.

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