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Return/Refund Policy

  • Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (ASIT) is a treatment solution specifically formulated for your individual pet/horse. Yu of Guelph Veterinary Dermatology cannot offer refunds on orders for ASIT that has been placed. We will however endeavor to assist you and your veterinarian to optimize the benefits of ASIT as part of your pet's/horse's allergy treatment regimen.
  • Dermatology Consults are generated with great care for the individual patient, however recommendations made are based only on the material provided. As patients have not been seen personally, the information provided may not truly reflect the nature of the case and may not be appropriate to the individual patient. Veterinarians are reminded that the case remains under their care and responsibility, and our recommendations represent only suggestions. To minimize risks of transcription error, all suggested drugs and doses should be checked, using standard texts and formularies. Once a request for a consult has been submitted, refunds cannot be provided.