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Canine VacciCheck

STRATEGIES TO MINIMIZE YOUR PET DEVELOPING MORE ALLERGIES: Immunostimulation by vaccines has been demonstrated to increase sensitivities in a pet that has a tendency toward developing allergies. We are pleased to announce that we can do in house Vaccine Titre testing for our allergic canine patients to determine if your pet is in need of a booster. This test is the only in house titre test approved by CFIA in Canada. We can verify dogs have antibody protection against the following: Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2 and Parvovirus. If it is determined that your pet needs a vaccine (titres are too low), we recommend for all our allergic and immune-mediated dermatological patients that vaccines be given when their skin is calm, during winter months and that the vaccines be separated by 14 to 28 day intervals whenever possible. For Rabies vaccines, please check with your local health department regarding Rabies laws. Some bylaws will accept Titre testing, which can be done through your veterinarian. Other municipalities require up to date Rabies vaccine.